December 26, 2010 

RE: My education and experiences with John F. Head

From: Steve Phelps, owner of “Wild Wild West Cookin’ Shack” BBQ business.

Over the past several years, it has been my opportunity to be taught by and become acquainted with John Head.  It began when I fell out of my attic and landed on my garage floor – shattering my leg.  While I was sitting in my recliner chair for several months while my leg healed, I began to realize that I needed to make some changes in my life.

I have always loved to cook barbecue, so at this time I began looking on the Internet for information on cooking and found John.  I took his Master BBQ School and we became very good friends.

I had thought I knew quite a bit about cooking barbecue, but since taking his class, I found that I really didn’t.  I learned so much from his class that has made me a better cook and his advice and expertise have been invaluable.

I have now started my own barbecue business and have almost competed my first year.  John has been there to offer help and guide me through a lot of the storms that I have encountered.  Believe me when I say there have been some big storms and some people in the business that almost shook me to my core.  Through it all, John has been there to offer support.  What a bright star and a blessing he has been in my journey.  He was always available when I needed help and he has always gone above and beyond. 

Thank you so much John.  You are one of the few people I know who actually stands behind what they say.  Again, thanks for everything and we’ll be talking and seeing each other soon. 


Steve Phelps

CEO, Wild Wild West, Las Vegas, Nevada   1-702-324-4804


November 26, 2010

For many years, since the early 1970’s in fact, Dick’s Hickory Dock was a well know name among old-time barbecue restaurants in Colorado. The restaurant was listed as Best of Westword BBQ food in 1999. The restaurant closed in 2003 as a BBQ restaurant and finally the property went for auction and I re-purchased it in January 2010.  After 7 months of complete building restoration, we finally opened in July 2010.

We had a big challenge getting a pretty badly rundown piece of property in operating condition, but there was a bigger challenge ahead of us: How do we restore the reputation of the restaurant to at least what where it was when known as the “ Best BBQ Restaurant in the Mountains”.

Well for someone that had no restaurant experience, let alone BBQ tasting, cooking and business experience, we had a major problem to overcome and quickly, if may add. So we started looking for help. We ran across John Head’s web site as a BBQ consultant and instructor and we proceeded to contact him immediately.

Well, if we made one smart decision all year, this was it. With John’s help we were able to have a solid understanding of what were the basic requirements for a BBQ restaurant and proper cooking and serving practices. John has helped us through the basic cooking steps, trained our staff, monitored our food quality, provided us with some wonderful recipes and maintained an interest in our operation on a weekly basis ever since. He was also involved with the initial phase of selecting the various food vendors and evaluating their product offerings.

Today, we have been astonished by the incredible amount of positive feedback we have received about our food. This is certainly something that has to be credited to John for his proper guidance and training.

We highly recommend him to any one that wants to make success out of BBQ for any purpose from personal hobby to food business venture. With his vast experience and talent he is an important piece of the pie when you need to make a go at it in the BBQ industry.

David Mot, Owner

Dick’s Hickory Dock BBQ Restaurant

Kittredge, Colorado 80457, Telephone 720-371-1604




Steve Burney

Owner – Burney Brothers BBQ

17171 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park, Wa. 98155


206-417-3605 (Fax)


John Head served as a consultant for us when we opened a barbeque restaurant in the Seattle, WA area in 2004. John’s enthusiastic support and his broad knowledge of barbecue were valuable and much appreciated as we developed our business plan and brought it to reality. He went the extra mile for us, giving generously of his time. He is a great resource that can help anyone, whether experienced in the restaurant industry or not, create a professional kitchen that produces high quality barbecue. I recommend John Head as a top professional in barbecue technique and design.

Steve Burney